A well curated collection ranging from whimsical bits through useful art, all watched over by a staff who know what's what.



Absolutely loved this place! The owner is friendly, helpful and incredibly engaging with customers. I was ready to sit and have dinner with her, that’s how amazing my experience was here.



Great stuff with good prices. Their prices are great and the products are quality. Service was excellent and highly recommended.



GoGo Tubbies handmade Bath Bomb

GoGo Tubbies & Handmade Soaps

GoGo Tubbies! Our handmade Bath Bomb and Bath line is now available in our boutique and they are just beautiful! They are also cruelty-free!

Bath and Body Care

Get away from the working world and slip into a warm and relaxing bath filled with summer Lavender, Oatmeal and Honey or Rose petals with organic bath bombs, handmade soaps and more.

Blog posts

Our Covid-19 Story

Scott Hill

Having our Boutique and Gift Shop shut down for over two months due to Covid-19 has been a nightmare I want to wake up from. I kept thinking to myself, it will only be for two weeks. Then a month goes by and another…

Spreading some Love!

Crystal Sky

Thanks to the generosity of our amazing community, we were able to deliver 35 "Happy Bags" filled with relaxing and inspiring gifts for the Tuality Community Hospital's daily "Spreading Good" program in which medical

Leprechauns and Saint Patrick’s Day

Crystal Sky

Whether you saw them first on the cereal boxes at the store or learned about them in grade school, one of the most important visual aspects of St. Patrick’s Day is the Leprechaun.

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2065 NE Allie Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(503) 747-0412

Monday - Friday, 11:00 to 4:00
Saturday, 11:00 to 4:00
Sunday, Closed

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