Chakra Colors And Their Meaning

Chakra Colors And Their Meaning

Chakra colors are what are found in a person’s aura. The energy that they put out and others pick up on. It can change depending on what they are thinking about or feeling and usually reflect the activity of energy centers in one’s body. The colors are not definite and can have different hues and tints to them. Chakra healing is typically connected to the colors they represent, such as using red to captivate ones root chakra.

7 Primary Chakra Colors

First Chakra – Red

The root / red chakra symbolizes safety, survival, grounding and the nourishment that we get from the Earth energy.

Second Chakra - Orange

The sacral / orange chakra represents emotion, creativity, sexuality and can be linked to water or the flowing of life.

Third Chakra – Yellow

The plexus / yellow chakra symbolizes mental activities, intellect, personal power and self-will.

Fourth Chakra – Green

The heart / green chakra has strong connections with love, relationships, integrity and compassion.

Fifth Chakra – Blue

The throat / blue chakra is shows self-representation and expression. It represents truth, creative expression, communication and the presence of patterns and form.

Sixth Chakra – Purple (Or Deep Indigo Blue)

The third eye / purple chakra enlists intuition, extrasensory perceptions and inner wisdom.

Seventh Chakra – White (Or Purple)

The crown / white chakra is what connects us to the universe, our connection to spirituality and our consciousness.

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