The Reflection Stone

Insight – Protection – Grounding – Growth


Obsidian is a stone that is popularly used for its strong protection powers as well as the connection it has with ones inner being. It promotes strength and compassion. The dark color of the stone reminds people that there is a dark side and a light side to most things. Instead of hiding this dark side, obsidian draws out the light in each of us and guides the way to love and strength in times of need.

This is a stone that is very useful for sensitive people. People that benefit from protection from physic attack or negative emotions. Placing this stone under a pillow or near your bed will help ease stress and tension as well as help locate the cause of such stress. Obsidian forms a shield to protect those around it from negative energies and emotions that can be overwhelming at times.

The deep connection that this stone holds to the root chakra helps someone gather themselves in times when they feel spread too thin or overworked. Obsidian will help restore the harmony and balance in the root chakra and ground someone back to their place in Earths energy.