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Our Covid-19 Story - Gifts A GoGo

Our Covid-19 Story

"Having our Boutique and Gift Shop shut down for over two months due to Covid-19 has been a nightmare I want to wake up from. I kept thinking to myself, it will only be for two weeks. Then a month goes by and another… The emotions start to take over…anxiety, stress, sleepless nights, wondering what will happen to the business on top of worrying about Covid-19 itself and all the other crazy stuff going on in the world.

The best way to describe it, is being on a battlefield and having to fight like hell to keep the business you are so passionate about alive, while watching other businesses go down around you. It has been heart wrenching. I don’t want our business to go down, not like this.

There are days I want to hold up the white flag and surrender, but then the Warrior Women in me takes over. I had to re-think everything! We are focusing more on social media, our website and really ramping up our own jewelry line called Hill House Jewelry. Creating the new pieces has brought my husband and I some peace amongst the chaos. Speaking of chaos…if you asked me six months ago what an EIDL, PPP & PUA was I could not tell you.

Today, I can tell you everything you need to know about the CARES Act programs for Small Businesses. I won’t go into it, but they know me by first name. I have not won all those battles yet, but I am very close! The one thing that has touched me deeply is the support I have received from the Community.

I am truly grateful to so many of you! My wish is that all Small Businesses get the assistance they need to survive and we can go back to “seeing” those smiles walk through our doors!”

Photo Credit: Alacrity Photography

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