Rose Quartz

The ultimate symbol of love

Unconditional love – Compassion – Forgiveness

Rose quartz is a stone with a rich historical background that goes back to ancient Rome and Greece. It tells a story of love and reconciliation between Aphrodite and Adonis in the heat of a battle between Ares. This stone holds a multitude of different meanings and is highly regarded for its powerful properties.

The pink hued quartz is known for its loving message but is also useful for its healing properties as well. As it is connected to the heart chakra it carries a way for feelings of compassion and newfound forgiveness. Rose quartz is commonly used when someone wishes to let go of toxic energies. This stone offers a way to find positive outlooks on situations and let light into the body and mind.

With a connection to water this stone ushers the flow of emotions through a person, good or bad and flushes them away to bring in new found harmony throughout the mind and body.

Whether it is romantic love or platonic, or self-love, this stone guides the way to a deep inner connection to the emotions.

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