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Roses Love and Romance | Gifts A GoGo

Roses Love and Romance

More than just a flower of romance

            In Greek mythology it is said that roses were formed through the blood of Adonis as he was wounded by Aphrodite’s past lover. It’s a flower that tells a story of multiple different loves and connections held between Gods and people alike.

            Roses are most commonly associated with love and romance. Specifically the red rose. Although, the rose has had a multitude of meanings placed behind it as time has gone on. In the past, the rose was meant to represent secrecy. It would be hung from the ceiling of banquet halls in the middle ages to state that everyone under them was sworn to secrecy. Or in Roman times to show that what happened under the influence of wine was to stay within that room.

            These flowers are also present on four tarot cards, The Fool, the Magician, the Strength card, and the Death card. On the Fool, the white rose symbolizes purity and is a reminder to cleanse the mind. On the Magician card, it signifies unfolding wisdom. On the Strength card, the rose represents balance. And on the Death card, it’s a reminder of purity, clarity, and transparency of intent. The rose holds a value that is different in the eyes of many but is undeniable powerful and present throughout history.

Roses have over 150 variations and species, with each of the different colors representing something different and having different uses. The amount of roses that is given has different meanings and can help form an apology or just a bond of pure intent and friendship. A red and a yellow rose makes the perfect gift for a celebration or congratulations while a yellow rose is one of friendship.

This flower can be used in other ways than just as gifts. Rose water and rose oil is a very popular way to cleanse the skin and hydrate it. Roses have strong anti-inflammatory properties that make it a great way to soothe irritation. This is also why roses are popular in teas, as they help with sore throats and stomach pains.

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