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Sand Art Jars

Sand Art Jars

Sometimes the best gift is something that you made yourself. Whether the person is hard to shop for or just prefers something that you made yourself sand art glasses are a great idea! They can be as colorful, intricate and as custom as you like, designed for the person you’re making it for.

1. Start with a glass jar or any other sort of see through container of your choosing. A great place to pick these up is at a local craft store or you can even use old jars from your kitchen, just make sure you soak off any labels.
    a .Note: If you use an old food jar, sometimes the lid gives away what it used to be, simply paint over the lid with a color of your choice or take a piece of scrap fabric to cover the lid. Glue the fabric down or use a piece of ribbon or string.

    Sand Art

    1. Next you’re going to need some colored sand. You can either make this yourself with sand you picked up yourself at the beach or you can go to most craft stores where they sell it in a multitude of colors.
    2. After you have the sand of your choice, you can use as many colors as you would like and in any order you would like as you start pouring it in alternating layers into the jar. You may want to do a small test if you are unsure or doing this for your first time as it is not possible to separate the sand after you layer them.

    4. A few techniques for this are that you can tilt the jar at different angles as you pour the layers of sand to get an affect like this.
    5. You can also combine the tilting technique with this one where you use skewers or toothpicks to create ridges and dips in the sand by the edges of the glass.
    Sand Art
    6. After you are satisfied with the positioning of your sand, you can then add some sort of decoration to the inside of the jar to sit on top of the sand. Something like a votive candle, fake plant or any sort of fun ornament that you think the recipient of your DIY gift would enjoy.
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