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Stones and Crystals for the Cluttered Mind - Gifts A GoGo

Stones and Crystals for the Cluttered Mind

Whether you’re starting a new job, going back to school or just in need of some balance; wearing or carrying a stone can help level the energy and aura that you bring with you. Fueling your chakras and having that extra support and protection with you can help with any situation you’re in. This is a list of stones and crystals that will support mental health and prosperity.

Agate – Luck

            This green stone is regarded for the way it brings luck to the one who wears it and those around them. It attracts positive energies and recharges ones values. Agate is a great stone for new situations and everyday use.

Fluorite – Focus

            This crystal promotes being organized and raises ones mental abilities. It is highly beneficial for processing information and bringing forth mental clarity. Fluorite is perfect for someone who may struggle with procrastination or focus.

Red Tigers Eye – Calming

            Red tiger’s eye is one of the most calming stones. It will assist in keeping someone calm and centered even in a time when things are hectic and busy. When surrounded by the energies of this stone it will be easier to find harmony and peace.

Carnelian – Motivation

            Carnelian is a stone that is used to bring forth action, to make someone less timid and enhance their life force. The vibrations that this stone give off accelerate ones enthusiasm and make it easier to focus on their objectives.

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