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Tigers Eye the stone of change

Tigers Eye

The stone of change
Inspire – Perspective – Good Fortune

            Tiger’s eye is one of the strongest powered crystals in the mineral kingdom. It is often referred to as the “shape shifter” stone because of the way it transforms bad energy and influences to shift to self-confidence and positive action. This stone will help you stay grounded, even in a time when things may seem too chaotic.

            This stone is connected to the plexus chakra, which is influenced by motivation and willpower. The connection that tiger’s eye holds to the sun helps bring warmth and light energy into the holder’s aura and energy field. This is also where the stone is useful for assisting the user with feelings of anxiety or fear, by helping fade through feelings of darkness or unease.

            Tiger’s eye is a great stone for wishing someone protection and good luck. Wearing this beautiful stone provides a helpful and strong guide when it is needed most. The stone has its name for a reason, it’s powerful and insightful. It opens up the mind and allows you to see the bigger picture of problems and the world that surrounds you.

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