Ways to Wear Your Scarf

  1. The Classic Slip Knot

This classic is one of the most often used and simplest ways to accessorize with a scarf. It adds to the outfit while also securing your scarf so it doesn’t fall down one side of your neck!

Ways to Wear Your Scarf

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  1. The False Knot

The false knot is a great way to tie up your scarf in a casual but classy way. It looks like something very intricate when it is in fact just a simple tie on one side of the scarf that the other side loops through.

Ways to Wear Your Scarf

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  1. The Weave

This weave technique is a bit more complicated but it brings out a softer side to a look and gives a great flare to your outfit. It can be an accent to a look within itself and will have people wondering how you did it!

Ways to Wear Your Scarf

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  1. The Bow

This next style may not be for everyone but it would look so beautiful popping out from a coat or accenting a blazer or dress shirt. It’s simple but cute and different than the usual style for scarves and not to be overlooked.

Ways to Wear Your Scarf

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6 Quick Ways for Men to Style Scarves

  1. Lots of men enjoy wearing a scarf to keep warm or to compliment their clothing choice for the day. Here are six simple ways to create a more neutral look with a scarf. These work great for everyone wanting to incorporate a scarf into their style!

Ways to Wear Your Scarf

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