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What is Boho?

Boho is short for bohemian and pays homage to the style and clothing that free-spirits and hippies would wear back in the 60’s and 70’s. While this is where most of the inspiration comes from, boho has evolved to involve lots of different aspects of subcultures and eras. This term is used a lot in today’s fashion scene and pops up a lot. It’s a rare day that you don’t see some sort of boho inspired outfit showcased in trendy store windows or in ads on Instagram.

Boho can involve a lot of different aspects and it is rather simple to make almost any outfit boho inspired. Simply adding crochet, denim, flat sandals and dangling embellishments to your outfit will give it that boho look. Earthy colors mixed with pops of oranges and reds are very common as floral patterns come out to play quite often with this style. Fringe and round sunglasses often tie the look together.

The boho style tends to stick around and become popular again during festival season and is very prominent at Coachella where people want to stay cool but be fashionable at the same time. Boho and festival wear are very close together and tend to overlap as festivals become more popular. Boho makes a statement and gives off a very fashion forward vibe that is easy for most people to pull off no matter what age range or where you’re going. Between rock T-shirts and maxi skirts there is a boho look that anyone can enjoy and wear.

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