obsidian meaning
Obsidian is a stone that is popularly used for its strong protection powers as well as the connection it has with ones inner being. It promotes strength and compassion. The dark color of the stone reminds people that there is a dark side and a light side to most things.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz the ultimate symbol of love
Rose quartz is a stone with a rich historical background that goes back to ancient Rome and Greece. It tells a story of love and reconciliation between Aphrodite and Adonis in the heat of a battle between Ares. This stone holds a multitude of different meanings and is highly regarded for its powerful properties.

Chakra Colors And Their Meaning

Chakra Colors And Their Meaning
Chakra colors are what are found in a person’s aura. The energy that they put out and others pick up on. It can change depending on what they are thinking about or feeling and usually reflect the activity of energy centers in one’s body. The colors are not definite and can have different hues and tints to them. Chakra healing is typically connected to the colors they represent, such as using red to captivate ones root chakra.