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Trying to keep everyone entertained? Been inside too long? Looking for something fun to do? Cabin Fever Fun is on the way! Everything is manufactured and assembled right here in the USA!  Enjoy some of America’s favorite pastime toys! Slingshot Paper Flyers – Pull them back and watch them fly! This Slingshot Paper Flyer Kit comes with 24 colorful paper airplanes to fold and fly. Patented PILOT pieces are the secret to making these paper planes fly over 40 yards! Kit comes with 24 planes, reusable PILOTS, two launchers & instructions. Cabin Fever Ring Game - This classic folk game has been keeping people busy for ages.  Made popular again by beach fold, this simple but clever concept will keep everyone entertained for hours. Attempt to hook the ring by swinging it towards the hook. Scoring and difficulty levels included.  Tavern Shooters - Old Tavern Shooters has evolved from marble shooting games and coin games from yesteryear.  Roll you marbles across the surface and try and sink them in the ramp’s hold. It is scored like a present-day game of Corn Hole. Complete with two Game Ramps, four Marble Shooters and Rules Compendium.


  • This Item Includes:
  • One - Slingshot Paper Flyers
  • One - Cabin Fever Ring Game
  • One - Tavern Shooters
  • Made in The USA
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