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Flight Series Gift Pack

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If you like things that fly, this Gift Pack is for you!  Everything is manufactured and assembled right here in the USA!  Enjoy some of America’s favorite pastime toys! This gift pack includes: One - Spirit of Wind Boomerang - Handcrafted out of Birchwood, this Wind Rang flies about 25 yards - a short enough distance to throw in a backyard. Complete with flight instructions and U.S. Boomerang Association membership application. Three - Boomer Roomer - Flick, spin & catch this indoor tri-blade Boomerang! The Boomer Roomer is made of a patented, pliable, poly-substrate that is tear-resistant and read to fly... INDOORS! Flight instructions included. One - Flarble Peg Pack - The World’s smallest flight toy! Snap your fingers to make these tiny, multi-colored propellers soar into the air.


  • This Item Includes:
  • One - Spirit of Wind Boomerang
  • Three - Boomer Roomer
  • One - Flarble Peg Pack
  • Made in The USA